Photo by Walt Doyle of Studio 5

The group "Riverbend," playing lively tunes in aid of celebration and joyful dance, blends vocals with a variety of stringed instruments. Myra MacLeod plays violins and viola; Ron Carlson, vocals, octave mandolin, guitar and banjo; Mary Carfagna plays cello and violin; Rob Huffman, Irish flute, guitar, and vocals. All members are well seasoned musicians, having performed on the East Coast and Canada since the 1980's.

Their style is traditional and interpretive folk and Celtic and New England dance tunes, woven into performance art.

Mary Carfagna, classically proficient, is a dynamic improvisational cellist and violinist. Ron Carlson is a talented singer songwriter and interpretive folk music performer. Rob Huffman is a familiar face and voice around the Central Massachusetts folk scene, both as a soloist, and with Ron as a member of "Time Gentlemen." The quartet work well together in a friendly, confident, capable fashion, adaptable as well to upscale ambience or hoedowns.

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